Bleaching / Whitening

Here's how to pick the best whitener. Don't place your faith in a particular product, brand name or flashy advertising campaign. Pick the best dentist. At Lounge Clinic our dentists will be already using a great whitener!


Bleaching / Whitening

Bleaching / Whitening



Bleaching / Whitening

At Lounge Clinic, we offer in-house Bleaching with our Zoom System and take home Bleaching Trays.

Before starting your bleaching process, a general dental exam and possibly a cleaning may be needed to achieve ideal bleaching results . We will also go over all necessary instructions on what to avoid while your teeth are getting whitened so you can get the most out of your bleaching experience.


Never search for a whitening system, search for the right whitening dentist!

Here’s how to pick the best whitener. Don’t place your faith in a particular product, brand name or flashy advertising campaign. Pick the best dentist. At Lounge Clinic our dentists will be already using a great whitener!

BEYOND Technology  

This unique technology carries and delivers the powerful halogen light from the 150-W source in the rear of the light head, adds wave-length specific high intensity LED light at the face of the head, and purifies and cools the light through more than 150,000 optical microfibers and filtering lenses. Lightbridge technology provides high-powered whitening and the advanced filtration system removes all harmful heat and ultraviolet output, ensuring patient safety and comfort. Beyond operates at a lower temperature than similar products by using the latest optical techniques to avoid irritation of the nerves of the teeth.

Beyond uses the 480 to 520 nanometers wavelength high-intensity blue light of the Whitening Accelerator lamp. The light is filtered through over 12,000 fibers with a total length of 1 mile and finally through two optical-lenses, each coated with more than 30 layers, removing infrared and ultraviolet light completely.

What type of tooth whitener is used with Beyond Whitening Solution?

Beyond Whitening Accelerator’s high-intensity blue light activates its special whitening formula that contains hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) and 20 nanometer silicon dioxide (SiO2), along with other special ingredients. Scientific research has shown that using hydrogen peroxide to whiten teeth is effective and safe. It does not change or damage the structure of teeth; it merely makes them appear whiter and brighter.

Why is the Beyond Whitening Solution so powerful?

  • Better in test than similar products
  • Much faster than any other method (30 minutes!)
  • Very easy to operate for your brightest, healthiest looking smile, fast. Whitening guaranteed.

In less than 1 hour, discoloration that has built up over the years will be wiped away. It takes no longer than it does to get a haircut, or have a cup of coffee. Home whitening methods take more than two weeks of daily use to be fully effective.

All you need to do is avoid smoking, drink coffee, tea, cola, red wine and other dark colored drinks or food, also avoid using colored mouth wash or tooth paste For the first 24 hours after the Beyond treatment. “ebright” technology can be used as an additional follow up treatment.

Laser Whitening

Advantages of Laser Whitening:

Most of the experts believe that it is one of the most effective methods for teeth whitening. The entire procedure can improve the brightness of the teeth by 10 times, so it can bring considerable change to your teeth. You can find many methods to whiten the teeth, but this is the best possible method available in the market, so if you wish for a whiter smile this is the best option for you.

If you search for the clinics providing laser whitening, then Lounge Clinic offers this service at affordable prices!

You may find that its effects can last up to one year, which is a long duration. In order to maintain the effects that you need to take a few steps yourself.

Most patients do not suffer from any side effects after undergoing this teeth-whitening process. A majority of people accept the fact that this method only offers positive effects.

The best part of this procedure is that it does not harm your teeth and at the same time, whitens it.

This procedure can come in useful for removing stubborn stains, which are hard to remove by other whitening methods. The results are permanent, so if you properly take care of your teeth, then you can get rid of those stains for good!

Disadvantages of Laser Whitening:

The most reported demerit of laser teeth whitening is its cost. Many people believe that it is excessively expensive. The cost of this procedure varies from area to area, so there is a possibility that you may notice some fluctuations in its price. Generally, people go for this procedure because of its impeccable results.

Another negative side of this procedure is that if an individual wishes to have specific shades of teeth, then he may have to shell out lots of money. He may receive the particular shade after multiple visits to the dentist.

There are instances, when patients undergoing this procedure feel some pain in their teeth and gum. Generally, this happens to people having sensitive gums and teeth. Usage of gel for bleaching the teeth is responsible for the occurrence of pain. In most of the cases, the pain is temporary, but in certain cases, it can exceed to the next level.

In spite of these disadvantages, numerous people across the world go for this procedure in order to get rid of stains from their teeth and other similar problems related to teeth and gum.  It really does transform stained teeth into a much more attractive and brighter smile.

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