Composite Veneers

Get your Glowing Star Smile in 1 Session with Composite Veneers!

Porcelain Veneers smileComposite veneers cover the facial surface of your teeth; to change their color, position or shape.
The direct restoration of the entire arch allows an aesthetic, natural appearance to be achieved with simplified layering and color satisfaction.

At Lounge Clinic, our dentists are highly qualified in this simplified technique therefore; great aesthetic results can be delivered to the patient at a fraction of the time and cost of indirect restorations. Composite Veneers can be used for all ages and you can see the effect immediately and the improvement will be fantastic!

In order to accomplish the composite veneers, a very small laser preparation is required to your teeth.
Preserving the tooth enamel is the key with current aesthetic dentistry; reduced tooth enamel due to invasive preparations affects the bonding to the tooth and the longevity of any restoration.

porcelain veneers

Polychromatic Direct Composite Veneers can be placed in a single appointment.

Dental composite veneers can be repaired if they break. Unlike porcelain veneers; if a dental composite veneer does chip or break a dentist can usually repair it. And in most cases they can probably make the repair by just patching the dental bonding in that portion of the veneer where the fracture has occurred they will not replace the entire veneer.


Zirconium Oxide is a new material used in dentistry.
The name of zirconium is taken from the name of the mineral zircon. Every patient now have a choice of a material that is aesthetic, strong, pure, biocompatible and capable of being used for single and long span dental bridgework. That heavy guaranteed material is Zirconium oxide.

In dentistry, there has been continuous research and development to find materials suitable for dental prosthesis that are aesthetically acceptable and have sufficient strength to withstand the forces of chewing; they must be well tolerated by the human body. For many years ceramic materials combined with metals have been used in dental restorations. Ceramic gives the desired aesthetics and metal is used for strength. Zirconium is a material that has overcome most of the danger of present day products.